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Wild forest fire monitoring system

1. System overview
Forest fire is one of the world's natural disasters. With the continuous development of China's afforestation industry, fire prevention has become the primary task. Forest fire prevention must carry out the policy of "prevention first, active attack and save", and really achieve early detection and early solution. At present, remote wireless monitoring system based on wireless network technology has been widely used in forest fire monitoring.
Mingjing forest fire prevention and early warning system, by the company's experienced engineers and technicians, after two years of hard research and development, in the market on the basis of the forest fire prevention system, improved and upgraded. The principles of system reliability, practicability and expansibility are taken into account. The system architecture is flat and modular, which greatly improves the reliability of forest fire prevention and early warning system and greatly reduces the system failure rate and false alarm rate.
2. System architecture
The system consists of a front-end camera, a power supply system, a wireless/wired transmission system and a back-end analysis platform. The intelligent identification system of fireworks has been optimized and the accuracy rate of intelligent identification has been greatly improved.
3. System functions
This system makes use of advanced intelligent monitoring equipment to conduct all-weather remote monitoring and monitoring in the forest region, avoids the limitation of original manual observation of fire, realizes the digitalization and scientization of forest region management, greatly reduces the expense and management cost of the forestry department, and improves the effect of enterprises in the forest region.
Equipped with 2 megapixel low-light day and night type professional camera, able to detect fire at a distance.
Equipped with a heavy-duty outdoor intelligent camera with a payload of more than 50 kg, it has automatic constant temperature system and intelligent analysis linkage function. It can effectively resist strong convection weather such as strong wind and heavy rain. Stable operation in extreme weather.
Air is equipped with a front-end scenery complementary power supply system (optional). Long-term stable operation in the field environment where the municipal power supply cannot be used. The rainy weather can start the energy saving mode, ensuring the system to operate normally for 30 days.
Ac is equipped with industrial grade 5.8g wireless microwave communication system. In the field, the transmission can be stabilized at a bandwidth of 150Mb/S over a distance of 20KM. Increase the range of relays to up to 120KM. With the addition of the core transmission module, the transmission range can be extended indefinitely.
The backend server has secondary analysis capability. It greatly improves the accuracy of pyrotechnics identification.
The forest fire prevention and early warning command platform adopts the GIS map linkage method to visually show the position of the front-end monitoring point and the current picture on the topographic map.
In case of fire, the fire alarm location, fire spread, material storage location and material call can be displayed rapidly. After the personnel positioning system is installed, the current personnel location and related information can be superimposed on the map. Direct display of forest fire development and rescue personnel. Effectively improve command efficiency.
Horizontal view. The command platform has a 256-level authorization level, which can easily provide real-time and effective data support for commanders and management centers at all levels. Under daily circumstances, commanders and management centers at all levels can conveniently check the situation of the forest farm at any time through the internal office network or the Internet, so as to achieve "prevention first, proactive attack".
At the same time, real-time video data can be provided to the superior supervisor and other departments of forestry, natural environment protection and animal and plant protection through the hierarchical view function in daily life. Extend the scope of use.
4. System advantages
At the front end, the heavy intelligent yuntai camera developed by mingjing company is used to realize the intelligent identification of camera pyrotechnics and send back to the monitoring center. The initial smoke signal detected by the camera is sent back to the control center through the transmission system. Secondary analysis was conducted by the control center. It greatly improves the recognition accuracy.
Launched with a 2-megapixel network hd camera, the camera greatly increases image resolution and is able to accurately detect fire over a longer distance (more than 10KM).
The camera has the function of fog penetration, which can effectively improve the image resolution and avoid the impact of mountain fog on the pyrotechnics recognition rate.
With a heavy outdoor intelligent camera with a payload of more than 50 kg, it has an automatic thermostatic system and intelligent analysis linkage function. It can effectively resist strong convection weather such as strong wind and heavy rain. Stable operation in extreme weather.
Jianyuntai has the function of firework identification. After the preliminary identification and judgment, the joint cloud platform will enlarge the image and submit the information to the back-end analysis platform for secondary analysis. If not fire, automatically resume cruise status. Effectively reduce the false alarm rate.